Neighborhood Updates

HPCC Annual Business Meeting

The HPCC’s June Community Meeting also is its annual business meeting. This year, board members prepared a presentation recapping HPCC accomplishments and events from the past year; introducing the officers and new board members for the upcoming year; providing an update on the new Super Playground; summarizing membership activities and achievements; and outlining our finances. In short, the HPCC is doing great, keeping neighbors informed and engaged, increasing our membership, and managing our finances well. For all the details, see the presentation here

PWSA Work Soon to Begin Near Park Entrance

At our June 16 HPCC Community Meeting, PWSA provided another update on the work it will be conducting along Bunkerhill Street and Mellon Terrace as part of its Water Reliability Plan. This work is expected to begin in July and take three years to complete, so be prepared for potential delays, detours, and construction vehicles in this part of the neighborhood for quite a while. They provided details about the length of planned closures, although not their timing. Highlights about the work are below. Check out the PWSA’s presentation for more.

Rising Main Upgrades are expected to start July 2022 and be completed by Summer 2025

  • Mellon Terrace, north lane, will be closed for eight weeks during construction
    • The other lane will be a one-way toward Negley Ave.
    • Detour signs will be posted
  • Mellon Street is expected to be closed for four weeks during construction
    • Traffic will be rerouted to N. Saint Clair St.
    • Detour signs will be posted
  • Intersection of Bunkerhill Street, Mellon Street, and One Wild Place
    • The intersection will be closed one weekend only, from Friday 8 p.m. through Sunday 5 a.m.
    • Detour signs will be posted

Pump Station Replacement is expected to start Dec. 2022 and be completed by Summer 2025

  • Intersection of Bunkerhill St. and N. Highland Ave.
    • The intersection will be closed for two weeks
    • Crews will work around the clock to get the work completed as quickly as possible
    • Traffic will be rerouted to N. Euclid
    • Detour signs will be posted
  • Building construction
    • The work schedule will be Mon. – Fri., 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    • No impacts to water service are expected

Bus Rapid Transit

At a special community meeting on Monday, June 20th, Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT, formerly Port Authority) provided an update on the city’s plans for the new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) development. Funding and other constraints have caused them to restrict the initial project to the Downtown-Uptown-Oakland corridors. As a result, the extension running to Highland Park is no longer part of the plan. Long-term they hope to add it, but we will not see any new BRT stops or shelters in Highland Park until additional funding is obtained and public engagement is conducted. Once the Downtown-Uptown-Oakland BRT upgrades are implemented, if you catch the 71A or 71B in the neighborhood, part of the route will be in the BRT corridors, but the BRT elements won’t extend to our neighborhood. View the PRT presentation on our website.