The Highland Park Community Council (HPCC), in operation since 1945, is the oldest neighborhood organization in the City of Pittsburgh. It is also a non profit 501c3 organization.

Monthly meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at St. Andrews Community Hall – 5801 Hampton St. Meetings are not held in July or December.

While originally created as a social organization, it is now dedicated to a wide range of causes which include recreation, the park, education, safety, zoning, and recruitment of businesses to the Highland Park business district. Please join us in our efforts to support this beautiful community by becoming a member today.

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What HPCC Does for You:
The Highland Park Community Council has over 500 members who represent families, individuals and businesses within our community. The organization is an all-volunteer effort.

The volunteers of the HPCC have conducted many events / projects over the years to promote and enhance the quality of life in Highland Park. The most noticeable are the annual community wide Yard Sale in June and Reservoir of Jazz free concerts in the park in August. Both bring thousands of people to our community annually.

  • Yard Sale – The first Sunday in June. Hundreds of Highland Park residents bring out their most worldly treasures for this mass yard sale event.
  • Bryant Street Festival – The first Sunday in June, held in tandem with the Yard Sale. Once you have spent the morning searching for that perfect collectible, join us on Bryant Street, in the heart of Highland Park, for an afternoon of fun, food from our local restaurants and live music.
  • Reservoir of Jazz – FREE concerts held each Sunday in August at the entrance to the park. Bring a blanket and a picnic basket and relax to the sounds of some of Pittsburgh’s finest musicians playing for the thousands of people who have gathered on the lawn.
  • Highland Park House Tour
  • Marathon Party / Neighborhood Support Event
  • Spring and Fall Family Parties
  • Maintenance of the Highland Park Super Playground
  • Restoration of the beautiful and historic Park entrance
  • Encourage beautification through welcome signs at neighborhood entrances, tree planting, cleanup campaigns, etc.
  • Supports local schools
  • Tackles civic and neighborhood development issues
  • Monitors and prosecutes zoning violations
  • Recreational activities for young people
  • Block Watches
  • Monitors traffic concerns and safety issues
  • Provides community communications through the ListServ and HPCC Newsletter
  • Encouraged formation of and cooperation with Highland Park Community Development Corporation
  • Supports East End/East Liberty Historical Society, which published a book on the area’s history and is continuing to develop projects for community enhancement