Neighborhood Development

For public infrastructure and development projects that significantly impact the community and/or require public hearings, the HPCC works to provide residents and stakeholders with information and a forum to engage with those leading or undertaking such projects.  Developers and city agencies leading these projects are invited to provide information and updates at HPCC Community Meetings and/or in our monthly newsletter.  The HPCC posts such information, as well as notices of public meetings on such projects, on the neighborhood listserv and the HPCC homepage.  This page provides such information in one centralized location. 

Public agencies and non-profit organizations that often undertake projects in the neighborhood and park include the Highland Park Community Development Corporation (, the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI), Public Works, PWSA, Port Authority, and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.  The HPCC works with representatives of these organizations to provide updates on their existing and planned projects.  Private developers with projects necessitating public hearings are required by the city to present information about the project at a public Development Activity Meeting (DAM) facilitated by the applicable Registered Community Organization (RCO). The HPCC is the RCO for Highland Park. These meetings are intended to provide citizens, property owners, business owners, and stakeholders an opportunity to learn about the development proposals that affect them and resolve concerns at an early stage of the project’s application process with the City.  Meeting notices, minutes, and decisions or recommendations that the HPCC makes with regards to such projects will be posted on this page. For more information on DAMs, visit  

Current Projects:

Reservoir Drive – August 2023

Pittsburgh Zoo Renovation 2023