HPCC January Community Meeting

Please join us for the January Community Meeting of the Highland Park Community Council, which will be held next Thursday, January 18th, at 7pm at St. Andrews. Our featured speaker will be Ms. Karen Arnold, Principal of Fulton PreK-5. We’ll also hear from representatives of the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy regarding their efforts to remediate some unsanctioned and unsafe trails that have been constructed in the Park, and as usual we’ll get a public safety update from Zone 5.
Hope to see you next week!

Public Comment on Port Authority Comfort Station in Flynn Parklet

Earlier this month, the Port Authority announced its decision on the end-of-the-line routing of the proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line, the details of which are available here.

During the series of community meetings hosted by HPCC regarding BRT and the end-of-the-line route, the Port Authority also discussed their plans to construct a restroom facility (also called a “comfort station”) for bus drivers at the bus layover point at Flynn Parklet. Now that the routing determination has been finalized, they are moving forward with the planning for the comfort station, which includes a federally-required opportunity for written comments from the public on the proposed location.

The proposed comfort station would be approximately 100 sq. ft. in size and would be located near the corner of N. St. Clair and Bunkerhill. It would only be available to Port Authority staff. The subject of this comment period is strictly related to the location of the comfort station, not the architectural design of the building itself. Port Authority representatives will be back in Highland Park to discuss the design and appearance of the comfort facility and new bus shelters in Spring 2018.

The full public notice from the Port Authority regarding the comment period is available below, and can also be viewed as a PDF here.

PAAC Flynn Parklet Comfort Station Public Comment Notice

Port Authority Decision on BRT Routing

At the November 2017 HPCC Meeting, the Port Authority gathered feedback from Highland Park residents on a set of possible routing options for the end-of-the-line turnaround patterns for the 71A and the proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Line, which will eventually replace the current 71B. Minutes from the meeting are available here, and will also be published in the December HPCC Newsletter. This meeting was the fourth in a series of meetings on this subject over the course of the past year. A previous blog post outlining more of the history of this process can be found here.

Currently, the 71A and 71B follow this routing pattern:

Current Routes

Based on the feedback gathered at the November meeting further technical technical assessments, the Port Authority has decided to leave the routing basically unchanged, except that they plan to eliminate the occasional layover of buses on Mellon Terrace:

Port Authority Final Route

As mentioned above, the Port Authority made this determination based on a combination of technical and engineering considerations, as well as the survey responses from the meeting, in which 68% of attendees preferred the current routing, and 32% preferred one of several other alternatives.

Now that they have made a determination on routing, the Port Authority will move on to more detailed design work around bus stops and shelters, and will be returning to Highland Park for another presentation on these issues in spring 2018. The Port Authority representatives who attended the November Meeting have also assured the HPCC that all of the safety concerns expressed at the meeting, including buses not stopping at all stop signs, honking unnecessarily, and idling outside of designated areas were reported to the Port Authority Safety team.

Thank you to all who participated in this process, and to the Port Authority for working with the HPCC to ensure residents had an opportunity to give input on this important issue. If you have any questions, please contact HPCC President Jake Pawlak at jacob.pawlak@gmail.com