Be a Middle School Mentor! Middle school is a critical time for youth. They make decisions during these years that have far-reaching consequences. One strategy to guiding students in the right direction is by matching them with mentors, giving them a positive role model right when it means the most.

The United Way’s Be a Middle School Mentor is a school-based mentoring program that matches caring adult mentors with middle school students to help them learn about real careers and jobs, to develop big dreams for their future, and to understand the importance of doing well in school.

There are hundreds of students waiting to be matched for the upcoming school year! Participants dedicate 45 minutes during lunch once a week.  See below for alisting of nearby schools. See the United Way website for more infoclick here to apply, and/or email Jenna Baron (Jenna.Baron@uwac.org) to learn more about the program.

Pittsburgh Arsenal (Lawrenceville) – Tuesdays 12:45-1:35 pm

Pittsburgh Obama (East Liberty) – Tuesdays 11:50-12:25; 12:41-1:15

Pittsburgh Sci-Tech (Oakland) – Mondays 4:00-5:00 pm

Pittsburgh Sterrett (Point Breeze) – Wednesdays 3:50-4:50 pm

Pittsburgh Westinghouse (Homewood) – Thursdays 11:40-12:40 pm

Thursday, September 15th is the HPCC annual meeting at 7pm at St Andrews Church, where each year the HPCC Board provides updates to the community on all of the organization’s major projects and Officers and Board Members are elected for the coming year. This year, in addition to electing Officers and Members of the Board, we’ll also be holding a vote on a series of amendments to our bylaws that are intended to improve the way our organization does business and update the rules and procedures we follow to best serve the neighborhood.

The HPCC Bylaws are the basic rules that define how the HPCC is organized and how decisions are made. Like the US Constitution or the Pittsburgh Home Rule Charter, the Bylaws establish the roles and responsibilities of the members and leaders of our organization, describe how and when meetings should be held, outline how our budget should be set and managed, and set out other important guidelines for how the HPCC operates.

The proposed Bylaws amendment would move our fiscal year from a September-August cycle to a July-June cycle to eliminate current issues with budgeting for Reservoir of Jazz, move the date of our Annual Meeting to June to align with our busy season for events, restructure the rules governing how our meetings are held to reinforce our current best practices, and making a few other technical, clarifying, or editorial changes.

The text of the proposed Bylaws amendment is available by clicking here. Changes affecting membership appear in blue, meetings in purple, finances in green, committees in orange. Clarifying edits are in pink, and typo corrections are in red.

Prior to the vote on this amendment, we’ll be holding a discussion on what the changes mean and why they are being proposed, so please make sure to come to the annual meeting to participate in the discussion and make your voice heard!


The 50/50 from last week’s Reservoir of Jazz (August 28th) is going to be pulled around 5:45-6 at this weeks ROJ .  If anyone had yellow tickets from last week they should bring them this week.  Must be present to win.  We will be selling new 50/50 tickets to be pulled at the end of the event also

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Be a Middle School Mentor

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Monthly meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at St Andrew's Church. Meetings are not held in July or December.

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