Highland Park Yard Sale Sneak Peak!

Check out the Highland Park Yard Sale Sneak Peek

Listing of all the cool loot that will be on sale this Sunday in Highland Park! Come find some incredible vintage and collectible items!

Sneak Peak PDF: SNEAK PEAK 2017

Also, This year we have a mobile-friendly website to help you navigate the neighborhood! You can check it out now, but it won’t be active with the final addresses until the the day of the yard sale. HP Yardsale Mobile Site


HPCC Annual Meeting September 15th – Please Join Us!

Thursday, September 15th is the HPCC annual meeting at 7pm at St Andrews Church, where each year the HPCC Board provides updates to the community on all of the organization’s major projects and Officers and Board Members are elected for the coming year. This year, in addition to electing Officers and Members of the Board, we’ll also be holding a vote on a series of amendments to our bylaws that are intended to improve the way our organization does business and update the rules and procedures we follow to best serve the neighborhood.

The HPCC Bylaws are the basic rules that define how the HPCC is organized and how decisions are made. Like the US Constitution or the Pittsburgh Home Rule Charter, the Bylaws establish the roles and responsibilities of the members and leaders of our organization, describe how and when meetings should be held, outline how our budget should be set and managed, and set out other important guidelines for how the HPCC operates.

The proposed Bylaws amendment would move our fiscal year from a September-August cycle to a July-June cycle to eliminate current issues with budgeting for Reservoir of Jazz, move the date of our Annual Meeting to June to align with our busy season for events, restructure the rules governing how our meetings are held to reinforce our current best practices, and making a few other technical, clarifying, or editorial changes.

The text of the proposed Bylaws amendment is available by clicking here. Changes affecting membership appear in blue, meetings in purple, finances in green, committees in orange. Clarifying edits are in pink, and typo corrections are in red.

Prior to the vote on this amendment, we’ll be holding a discussion on what the changes mean and why they are being proposed, so please make sure to come to the annual meeting to participate in the discussion and make your voice heard!


HPCC Monthly Meeting with Sen Vulakovich and A+ Schools – Oct 15th

Join us for a panel discussion on public education with Senator Vulakovich and A+ Schools Community Liaison Graham Mulqueen.

Senator Vulakovich will discuss public school funding and the budget impasse. Graham Mulqueen from A+ Schools will talk about Common Core and its impact on PSSA scores.

The event is the monthly meeting of the Highland Park Community Council with council business at 7pm and speakers starting around 7:30pm. It is held at St Andrews’ Church at 5801 Hampton.

Love Your House Home Renovation Fair – February 21st at the Union Project

LoveYourHomeEventThe Highland Park Community Council (HPCC) is planning our first homeowner resource fair on Saturday, February 21, 2015 to help educate our community at large on home improvements, general home maintenance, navigating city processes such as permitting and innovative approaches to enhancing the value of one’s residence.

This event is FREE to all Highland Park residents!

The event will be held at Union Project, 801 N. Negley Ave., from 10am – 1pm. It will include a traditional resource fair in the Great Room with table stations manned by experts that guests can visit during the entire event and special breakout sessions in the Atrium with selected speaker panels for a more in-depth look at certain topics such as return on investment (ROI) as it relates to home improvements.