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Join the HPCC today using our online form, or print and complete the HPCC Membership Form and mail it in. Membership levels range from $10 to $250.

Volunteer for HPCC Today
To volunteer find a committee below that appeals to you and contact the committee chair directly.

Monthly Meetings
Monthly meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at St. Andrews Community Hall – 5801 Hampton St. Meetings are not held in July or December.

Like us on Facebook at Highland Park Community Council Pittsburgh.

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To join the HPCC Listserv, download and follow these instructions: How to Subscribe to the HPCC Listserv

One of the strongest communication tools we have is the Highland Park ListServ. This is a community-wide email service that allows neighbors to send and receive information about our community. Recent email examples would be a neighbor requesting roofer references and another neighbor posting children’s toys for sale. The ListServ also works as a block watch tool when someone emails the ListServ about a suspicious person they noticed, etc.

Contact Website Administrator
To contact the website administrator, email Dave Atkinson.

HPCC Officers
President: Monica Watt (412) 980-4208
Vice President: Dave Atkinson
Treasurer: Paul Miller (412) 365-0675
Secretary: Bob Staresinic (412) 441-8972

HPCC Directors
Christine Adams
Andrew Brooks
Nell Gladson
James McAdams
Jake Pawlack
Amber Quick
Janine Seale
Vernon Simmons
Kelly Vitti

HPCC Committees
Beautification – Nancy Levine-Arnold
Children’s Events – Teri Rucker (412) 482-2533
Education – Dave Atkinson
House Tour – OPEN
Finance – Glen Schultz
Membership – Kelly Meade (412) 362-0331
Newsletter – Monica Watt (412) 980-4208
Nominating – Bob Staresinic (412) 441-8972
Public Safety – Lynn Banker-Burns (412) 361-8863
Reservoir of Jazz – Tania Grubbs
Super Playground – Monica Watt (412) 361-7902 &
Vernon Simmons (412) 661-1366
Yard Sale – Paul Miller (412) 365-0675
Welcoming – Nancy Schultz
Zoning – Dell Ziegler (412) 363-0742