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To send a message to the HPCC or to reach HPCC President Stephanie Walsh,  please email  We try to respond to all emails within 3 days.

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Please email the HPCC to ask about volunteer opportunities.  If you have an interest in the park, public safety, helping with events, or other topics, please let us know. There are lots of ways to get involved!

Monthly Meetings
Community meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm, except for in July and December.  Typically community meetings are held at St. Andrews Community Hall. However, during the Covid pandemic, our community meetings are being held on Zoom.  Information about signing up is posted a week ahead of time on our website and announced in the Highland Park list serv.

Welcoming New Neighbors
The HPCC delivers welcome kits to new neighbors. If you know someone moving into the neighborhood or are a new neighbor yourself, use this form to let us know.

Follow our Facebook pages to stay in touch with our community. Highland Park Community Council Pittsburgh provides updates about HPCC events, meetings, and projects, and Highland Park Helping Hands connects neighbors in need with those who can help.  Please consider joining!

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Sign up for the Highland Park Listserv
One of the strongest communication tools we have is the Highland Park ListServ. This is a community-wide email service that allows neighbors to send and receive information about our community. Recent email examples would be a neighbor requesting roofer references and another neighbor posting children’s toys for sale. The HPCC also posts important community notices to the ListServ.

Click here and follow the instructions to join the Highland Park Listserv.

Contact Website Administrator
To contact the website administrator, email Kathleen Paola.

Contact Trail Stewards
To contact the trail stewards who maintain the trail network in the Park, click here.

HPCC Directors
Stephanie Walsh, President
Sabrina Culyba, Vice President
Howard Degenholtz, Treasurer
Judy Beck, Secretary
Jim Blakley
Bob Staresinic
Mary Beth VanFleet
Justin Bhagat
Becky Marinov
Kathleen Paola
Bill Reier
Jason Griess
Rebecca MacClean

HPCC Committees & Activity Areas

Finance Committee – Chair, Mac Lynch
Membership Committee – Chair, Sabrina Culyba
Nominating Committee – Chair, Stephanie Walsh
Children’s Events
City Relations (PWSA, Public Works, DOMI, Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, Office of Planning, City Council, and more)
Communications (for the newsletter, contact Nancy Gohrig,
Events (Yard Sale, Bryant Street Festival, Spring Fling, Summer Porch Concerts, Reservoir of Jazz, and more)
Public Safety