Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit – Highland Park Update June 2022

At a special community meeting on Monday, June 20th, Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT; formerly Port Authority) provided an update on the city’s plans for the new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) development. Funding and other constraints have caused them to restrict the initial project to the Downtown-Uptown-Oakland corridors. As a result, the extension running to Highland Park is no longer part of the plan. Long-term they hope to add it, but we will not see any new BRT stops or shelters in Highland Park until additional funding is obtained and public engagement is conducted. Once the Downtown-Uptown-Oakland BRT upgrades are implemented, if you catch the 71A or 71B in the neighborhood, part of the route will be in the BRT corridors, it’s just that the BRT elements won’t extend to our neighborhood. Here is the link to the PRT presentation:


The Port Authority is in the process of planning a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) upgrade to the regional bus system. The upgrade focuses on routes between Oakland and downtown, but includes spurs to East Liberty, Highland Park, Wilkinsburg ,Squirrel Hill, and Greenfield.  THis month (January 2021), the Port Authority is hosting public meetings to get feedback on the “90% project design”.

For more information on the BRT, including proposed route changes, and to register for Jan 2021 public meetings, visit:  https://www.portauthority.org/brt

Use this link to see the slide show from the January 2021 presentations: https://www.portauthority.org/siteassets/inside-the-pa/bus-rapid-transit/90-percent-design-overview-january-public-mtgs-as-of-1212021.pdf

As of Jan 2021, the proposed timeline is as follows: