March 23rd Super Playground Community Workshop – See the new playground design!

The 3rd and final virtual Community Workshop for the Super Playground redesign, will take place on Tuesday March 23rd, at 5:30pm. This will be the FINAL public workshop for input into the new playground design. The City and the project designers will share images of the planned layout and equipment. There will be time allotted for public comment and input as they make some final design decisions. Register Now >>
A preview of the design will be shared on the City’s Engage website for this project in the week prior to the workshop.

Background: The Super Playground is the large wooden playground on Reservoir Drive in Highland Park. The playground was built by the community in 1991 and is now in need of a full replacement- this time built by the City. The new playground will utilize the current playground’s footprint and share the same emphasis on a unique, creative playspace. Starting in summer of 2020, the City and design firm Merritt Chase have been gathering community input through surveys and community workshops. You can see recordings of previous community workshops and other materials at