Let’s create a Highland Park Calendar together!

Have you taken a great photo that showcases Highland Park, either the park or our neighborhood? The HPCC is going to create a 2024 calendar and is launching a photo contest to fill the artwork in the calendar!

If you would like to reserve a 2024 Highland Park calendar, please submit in the form below:
Click here to reserve a calendar!

Photo Contest Requirements:

  • Scenic photos of Highland Park – either the park or the neighborhood
  • No direct shots of people. If the person in the background is recognizable, we will not use the photo.
  • We are looking for photos of all months! Any time of year will be considered.
  • Please include your name as you’d like it to appear in the photo credit.
  • Please send the highest quality photo you can.
  • Please send photos to HPCCeditor@gmail.com

Disclaimer:By sending your photo to HPCCeditor@gmail.com, you are agreeing to submit your photo for use by the HPCC.