Summer Porch Concerts – May 31

o you know how amazing your neighbors are?  Seven diverse performers have offered to put on shows from their porches for all of us this Sunday night (May 31) from 7 – 8 pm.  Thank you performers!  Stroll or bike around the neighborhood to enjoy and applaud with enthusiasm!  The list of performers with a description and their address is below and a map is attached.  See you out there!
P.S. We’ll be promoting Sunday night porch concerts each week and will post an updated list of performers each weekend. If you’re interested in performing, send an email to the HPCC at with your name, description, and address.

Summer Porch Concerts – May 31

Jonathan Callard

5811 Stanton Ave.

Jonathan is a professionally-trained vocalist who’ll be playing acoustic guitar & singing an eclectic mix from folk, pop, gospel, and other genres.

The Highland Park Mini Band 

1112 N. Highland Ave.

Artists:  Deb and Jim Bogen + family

The Bogen family will be singing and performing eclectic music from traditional folk and gospel, to a real mix of band members’ favorites like Gillian Welch, Bob Dylan, and Lyle Lovett. They will be playing uke, banjo, bass, and guitar. 

Christopher Shipton

5822 Bryant Street

Christopher will perform ambient experimental music using modular synthesizers.

Tania and Jeff Grubbs

1033 Portland St.

The Grubbs are professional jazz musicians who comprise ⅔ of the Tania Grubbs Quintet.

Tami Fire 

822 N. St. Clair St.

Tami will be playing kids songs and folk songs on guitar. 

Roger Romero

Bryant Street across from Smiling Banana Leaf

Roger Romero is a professional musician, artist, composer and educator who will be performing on saxophone.

Trevor Ring

913 Heths Ave. 

Trevor is an electric bassist and an acoustic guitarist playing progressive experimental jazz funk music. He is a member of Merz, Miller and the Wolves but will perform solo, likely acoustic guitar.