Highland Park Reservoir #1 Update

From HPCC President Jake Pawlak:


Hello Neighbors!

I’ve heard from many of you about the Tribune Review article  regarding PWSA’s potential plan to take the Highland Park Reservoir #1 (the open air reservoir in the middle of the park) out of service. In response to these concerns, I’ve spoken to a representative of PWSA, and wanted to share an update.
Due to the low chlorine levels that prompted last month’s precautionary flush and boil advisory, the reservoir is currently being temporarily bypassed while PWSA works to make adjustments to satisfy the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection. Treated water is being supplied directly to the system from the treatment plant, without passing through the reservoir.
Because this temporary fix has been fairly successful, PWSA has begun exploring the idea of permanently bypassing the reservoir, which may make it easier for them to consistently maintain treatment levels that are in compliance with state requirements.  It is also possible that doing so will enhance their ability to implement corrosion control measures to address the issue of lead contamination in some homes. These plans are currently in the very early stages, and will require further study and community engagement before PWSA makes a determination on how to proceed. Permanently bypassing the reservoir would also necessitate some physical changes to the system, which would likely take significant time to implement.
If PWSA does decide to take this path, they have committed to working with the community to explore the possibility of keeping the reservoir filled even if it is bypassed, so that it can remain a recreational amenity for the community.
The HPCC is working to schedule a community meeting with PWSA to discuss this and other topics related to our public drinking water system. Stay tuned to the listserv, our website , and our facebook page for further updates.
I’d like to thank PWSA, Councilwoman Gross, and the Mayor’s office for working with us on this important issue.