UPDATE on PWSA Precautionary Flush and Boil Water Advisory for Certain Areas of Pittsburgh

PWSA is notifying the public out of an abundance of caution, and there is no evidence of any bacteria in the system. There is no direct evidence that PWSA’s water is unsafe, but the advisory is required by DEP due to tests showing low chlorine levels at a single test site.

Restaurants, schools, nursing homes, hospitals and businesses in the affected territory should also comply with the advisory, by providing bottled water as necessary, and operators should not utilize public water sources (including ice machines and drinking fountains) without prior boiling until the advisory is lifted.

PWSA has notified critical medical and public safety institutions in accordance with our Action Plan, and will continue to communicate with the public and local institutions with status updates.

On Wednesday morning, PWSA and city crews will coordinate delivery of bottled water to all schools in the affected neighborhoods. In addition, PWSA will coordinate the placement of water buffaloes.

Over the last 12 hours:
1. PWSA has taken the Highland Park microfiltration water treatment plant out of service to immediately address the Pennsylvania Department of Environment (DEP) concerns about inadequate chlorination.
2. The Authority installed new chlorination technology at the treatment plant in addition to automated sensors to provide accurate and consistent chlorine monitoring.

Over the next 24 hours, PWSA will:
1. Add chlorine in the Highland Park reservoir to address DEP requirements.
2. Continue water quality monitoring to assure we continue to meet safe drinking water standards.
3. Collaborate with DEP to aggressively respond to all DEP technical inquiries, to remove the flush and boil water advisory.
4. Keep the public informed of any developments.

PWSA estimates the flush and boil water advisory affects approximately 100,000 customers in the following neighborhoods:

Bedford Dwelling
East Liberty
Highland Park
Hill District
Point Breeze
Polish Hill
Regent Square
Stanton Heights
Squirrel Hill
Swisshelm Park
Terrace Village

Customers within the impacted area should do the following before using water for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth, and food preparation until further notice:

Flush your water tap by running water for 1 minute or longer, then
Boil water for 1 minute, and let it cool before consumption

Flushing water brings in fresh water from the main and boiling fresh water kills any bacteria and other organisms that can enter the water. You can also use bottled water.

Customers in this service area are being advised to flush their taps and then boil their fresh water out of an abundance of caution to ensure that drinking water meets or exceeds all state and federal water quality requirements. Impacted customers have been notified by PWSA via automated robocalls. Customers can identify if they are in the impacted area by searching on this interactive map: http://bit.ly/2jSreY6. The boil water advisory will remain in place until further notice. Customers with questions can call PWSA at 412-255-2423 or visit pgh2o.com.