Please join us for the HPCC Annual Meeting this Thursday at 7pm at St. Andrew’s Church.

All HPCC members are encouraged to attend as membership-wide votes will be taken.

The agenda is as follows:

Deb Gross, our City Council District 7 representative will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

We will vote in 3 new HPCC Board Members:

· Jessica Bowser – Nominated 8.20.15

· Scott Dietrich – Nominated 8.20.15

· Todd Shirley – Nominated 8.20.15

We will vote on the HPCC annual budget.

Hear brief updates from each of the HPCC Committees:

· Bryant Street Festival

· Yard Sale

· Children’s

· Marathon

· Public Safety

· Reservoir of Jazz

· Zoning

· Treasure’s Report/Finance Committee

· House Tour