Congested Hampton Parking/Construction Update

At the January Highland Park Community Council (HPCC) meeting, a resident attended and spoke about parking difficulties around Fulton and St. Andrew’s. As you likely know, the Highland Park Community Council considers both Fulton and St. Andrew’s strong neighborhood assets, and we want to see both institutions continue to thrive. We are fortunate to have both the School and Church in our Community, and we want to address any potential issues so that we continue to have a positive relationship between the School, the Church, the Community and the Community Council. The resident specifically complained about two issues:

1. Parking in the area has been crowded
2. Motorists have been parking in a handicapped zone on Hampton

Both Fulton and St. Andrew’s have been undergoing construction projects, which is causing a temporary parking shortage. The trailers and dumpsters take up several parking spaces. Contractor, sub-contractors, workers and delivery people are coming and going during the day which makes parking even more difficult. So, while parking around the School and Church is always busy, it has been especially congested during these construction projects. The Fulton project should be completed by the end of February and the St. Andrew’s project by Memorial Day. Parking should be back to its normal level at that time.

Regarding the handicapped zone issue, please remember that the handicapped zones are to be used only by motorists with handicapped tags – 24 hours a day.