Zone 5 Citizens Public Safety Council, October 9th

The Zone 5 Citizens Public Safety Council meets on the second Tuesday of every month (except August and December) at 7:00pm at the Union Project at 801 N. Negley Ave. (intersection with Stanton Ave.)

Next Meeting – October
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 9th at 7pm at the Union Project. As usual, we will talk about public safety trends and incidents in Zone 5. We will also see if any questions have come up regarding blockwatches following last month’s presentation on Blockwatch in a Box.

Guest Speaker: Ed McAllister, Project Chief within the Bureau of Building Inspection (BBI), will give an overview of the department; how BBI receives, investigates, and processes building code violation complaints; and take your questions.

Additional News
The Zone 3 Citizens Public Safety Council is organizing a Citywide Public Safety Meeting this month. Stay tuned for additional details.

The Director of Public Safety has set this year’s Halloween hours as 5:30pm – 7:30pm on Wednesday, October 31st.