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It’s finally Porch Crawl weekend!  It’s going to be a lovely evening to visit your neighbors and friends.  Ten beautiful porches await you on Saturday, August 12 from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Family friendly! … alcohol-free

The Porch Crawl Map is now available!



What better way to meet your neighbors than to enjoy a warm summer evening together on the porch?

Family friendly! … alcohol-free

Saturday August 12th, 2017 from 6 pm to 9 pm

For questions: Sherry Goldman, 412-215-9631

Sign up here to Host

Deadline to register to host : by midnight on Friday August 4th, 2017

Map will be available on Thursday August 10th, 2017

Dear Highland Park Community Members,

The Highland Park Community Council (HPCC) Board is seeking your input in developing a list of neighborhood improvements for us to advocate for to the Mayor and Councilwoman Gross.   Please click here for the survey.

Each year, the City identifies and prioritizes its capital needs, which are then included in the Capital Budget and the Six-Year Capital Improvement Plan. This process is a critical planning tool used to coordinate financing and scheduling for the major projects designated by the City.

Capital projects are projects funded by public monies to design, build, restore, retain, or purchase any City-owned asset that is expected to provide a long-term public benefit, or proposed physical improvements in an element of the City’s infrastructure. Capital projects must have a minimum value of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) and a minimum useful life of five years. Some examples of Capital Projects include:

– Right of Way improvements (streets, stairs, walkways, lighting, etc.)
– Bridge repairs
– Improvements to parks, pools, and playgrounds

The HPCC Board is seeking your input via a survey on possible neighborhood capital projects. The HPCC will use community feedback from this survey to develop its own neighborhood capital projects priority list to present to the Mayor’s Office and to Councilwoman Gross. While there is no guarantee that items from the list will be included in the Mayor’s budget proposal, it is an opportunity for us to have the community’s wishes heard and participate in the budget development process.

The survey will be open for 2 weeks, from June 7-20. The final list developed by the HPCC will be presented at the August HPCC community meeting. In the future, if there is community interest, we can discuss the neighborhood’s capital project wish list at our community meetings, but we are currently facing a deadline and decided that a survey was the best method for obtaining community input this year. Thank you for your interest and participation!

– HPCC Board


This year we’ve entered the 21st century and created an awesome mobile-friendly website to help you find all the cool stuff at our annual yard sale! Bookmark this site: 2017 HPCC Yard Sale

The app has an easily searchable listing of all the stuff that is for sale and a live mapping feature to help you find it! You can search for specific items you are looking for or just browse the map to find what is nearby your current location. It’s pretty cool!

Please note that it won’t be live with the actual street numbers of sellers until 8:30 am on the morning of the Yard Sale, Sunday, June 4. But if you bookmark it now, you’ll be ready!

See you on Sunday. And don’t forget the Bryant Street Festival kicks off at noon!

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