Thank you for making our Zoom Community Meeting a Success!

Zoom Community Meeting April 2020

Thank you so much to the 40+ people who attended our first-ever Zoom Community Meeting last night! The photo shows just a portion of the folks in attendance. We got an update from Zone 5’s Commander Vinansky, and heard about proposed street improvements on N. Euclid from the City Department of Mobility & Infrastructure and Healthy Rides.

The city is proposing making N. Euclid from Bunker Hill to Station Street a “Neighborway” to better connect Highland Park to East Liberty and Shadyside. The proposal includes traffic calming measures such as traffic circles to make it safer to walk, ride bikes, and for kids to play. There should be minimal impact on parking and bike lanes will not be added. In the upcoming weeks, temporary roundabouts will be installed at various N. Euclid intersections as a way to test their efficacy and their impact on the neighborhood. We will host DOMI again in a few months so that the community can provide feedback. You can learn more about the project here, and complete the community interest survey here.

Tips on Using City Parks Safely

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy has published the tips and guidelines listed below for using our parks safely while social distancing.  Also see the attached flyer and/or visit the PPC Covid Info Site.  Please be sure to maintain 6′ of distance between yourself and others and remember that playgrounds, pavilions, tennis courts, and other similar facilities are all closed.

Here are the main points around being safe in parks during COVID:

  • wash your hands before and after a park visit
  • maintain physical distance (at least 6 ft. apart)
  • avoid surfaces (benches, handrails, pavilions, picnic tables)
  • playgrounds are closed.
  • sports fields are closed. no contact sports are allowed. (basketball hoops have been removed. tennis/pickleball courts are closed).
  • masks recommended
  • if you have any symptoms – please stay home!

Park Use & Covid Safety

Tomorrow is the kick-off of the HPCC’s  Paper Egg Hunt!   

FLYER: Highland Park Paper Easter Egg Hunt April 4th-12th. Decorate your windows, doors, or yard with paper eggs over the next week, then walk the neighborhood and see how many you can find. Create your own designs with paper, construction paper, or repurposed paper bags and cardboard boxes - what a fun art project! Coloring sheets are available on-line at tiny url dot com slash print hyphen eggs. Please remember to follow social distancing recommendations from the C D C. if sidewalks get crowded, please choose another route or a different time.
If you don’t have a printer, there will be a limited number of printed sheets on porches at the following addresses:
1418 Browning Rd.
5656 Callowhill St.
5811 Stanton Ave.
Just a heads up —
The HPCC will continue to plan safe community events like this one while the Stay at Home order is in effect.  Our traditional Spring and early Summer events, including community meetings, the Spring Fling, and the Yard Sale & Bryant Street Festival may be postponed, “remodeled”, or cancelled.  We will be making decisions about those events in the upcoming weeks as we see how things progress.