Submit Your Photos to the #LastSlide Project

As many of you know, our beloved Highland Park Super Playground will go through a lot of changes very soon. The all-wooden playground that was built by the community three decades ago has sadly reached the end of its life. The city, along with the Highland Park Community Council, the HPCC Playground Committee and other active members of the community, have spent the last year gathering ideas and creating what has been dubbed Super Playground 2.0. See the final design plans here.

While the new brings with it a great deal of excitement, it also strikes a bittersweet chord with the many Highland Parkers who were involved in its construction and/or have fond memories of playing at the Super Playground over the years. Out of respect for all of the playground lovers out there, the HPCC thought it would be a fun idea to not only celebrate the new, but also commemorate the past prior to the deconstruction of the current playground.

A rendering of the new Super Playground

To accomplish this, we have created the #LastSlide project to collect pictures, both past and present, of the Super Playground and the fond memories that accompany them. If you would like to participate, please send your pictures to and once compiled, we will include them in our monthly newsletter.

While many of us are sad to say goodbye to the Super Playground, we could not be more excited about the new design. While we don’t have an exact date yet for the closing of the current playground, it will be coming up soon. We invite you to enjoy one more visit to the current playground we look forward to seeing all the memories that make up the #LastSlide project.

Keep an eye out in the HPCC Newsletter and neighborhood ListServ for more announcements about the official playground closing dates well as planned community events leading up to the Grand Opening of the new Super Playground 2.0 this summer!