Highland Park neighbors sent 100 bags of Thanksgiving trimmings to Vintage Seniors

From left to right: Stephanie Walsh, HPCC President; Tom Sturgill, Vintage Program Officer;  Ann Truxell, Vintage Senior Center Executive Director; and Judy Beck, HPCC Secretary.

The HPCC’s 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive was an outstanding success! When the seniors served by Vintage Senior Center in East Liberty receive their Thanksgiving turkeys this week, they will also receive bags of trimmings care of our community. Thanks to your contributions, the HPCC was able to provide 100 bags of trimmings, each containing cranberry sauce, stuffing mix, cornbread mix, turkey gravy, and canned yams. Additionally, since cash donations exceeded what was needed to fill the bags, we were also able to provide Vintage a donation of $100 to use for its programming. Thank you to everyone who contributed for your generosity!