Yard Sale FAQ’s


1. What time should we begin?

This is your choice. The yard sale officially begins at 9am. Early shoppers begin prowling the neighborhood between 8am and 8:30am. These folks have generally been looking at the map listing line and are going to specific locations where they want to look at something in the listing. Activity begins to pick up around 8:45am near the flea market and everything is humming by 10am. The later you start, the less chance for that early sale and the less word-of-mouth buzz you will receive.

2. What time should we shut down?

This is your choice. Stay open as long as you feel it will be worthwhile. You will get some idea from the amount of traffic you see at your location. In general, things begin quieting down between 1pm and 2pm. Certain areas can stay busy longer.

3. Where and when do we pick up our balloons, signs, and listing?

The packets, containing two signs, 5 balloons, a copy of the map listing, and a questionnaire, will be available on the front porch of 1014 Winterton Street beginning at 8:00am on Saturday morning. They will remain available until 10pm. They will also be available beginning at 6:00am on Sunday. Please cross off your name, which are arranged alphabetically, from the list that will be with the packets. This way I know you received your packet.

4. Where can yard sale shoppers find maps and listings?

The listings are available at the following locations:

a. The southeast corner of Highland Avenue and Stanton Avenue

b. The southeast corner of Negley Avenue and Hampton Street

c. The northwest corner of Highland Avenue and Bryant Street

d. Bryant Street Market

e. Tazza D’Oro

f. Negley Pharmacy

g. If possible, the corner of Saint Clair Street and Bunkerhill Road

5. Where can yard sale shoppers find bathrooms?

There is a porta-potty at the corner of Euclid and Bryant Street.

6. Where is the Highland Park Bryant Street Flea Market?

The flea market is located at the intersection of Highland Avenue and Bryant Street and runs along both sides of Bryant Street towards Euclid Avenue.

7. What is the questionnaire?

The questionnaire is a means by which you can provide feedback to the yard sale coordinator and the Highland Park Community Council about how you felt the yard sale went? There is a spot for suggestions on how we can improve the event for next year. Every rating and note provided in these questionnaires are reviewed and then summarized and presented to the Council during the monthly meeting following the yard sale. They do make a difference!

8. How many homes are holding yard sales?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are currently an unknown number of officially registered yard sale participants in the yard sale this year. There are an unknown number, probably in excess of 30, additional locations scattered around the neighborhood who have not signed up and are nonetheless having a yard sale. Please encourage these folks to join the yard sale next year. This event raises funds for the Highland Park Community Council, which in turn benefits the entire Highland Park neighborhood. Registered yard sale homes should have neon green yard sale signs and five (5) balloons displayed.

For the Bryant Street Flea Market participants:

9. Where is the flea market?

The flea market is located at the intersection of Highland Avenue and Bryant Street and runs along both sides of Bryant Street towards Euclid Avenue

10. Where is my spot at the flea market?

Flea market locations are first come, first serve. Generally, people begin selecting spots on both sides of Bryant Street beginning at the corner of Highland Avenue and Bryant Street. Do not block foot traffic crossing Bryant Street from the sidewalk along Highland Avenue or you will be asked to move your tables to a different location. There are a currently unknown number of people who will be stationed at the flea market, so roughly half of them will be on each side of the street. Please show courtesy to the sellers on either side of your table(s) and exhibit good behavior for the better of all of the buyers and sellers on the street.

11. How early can I set up on the flea market?

People can begin setting up on Bryant Street as soon as the barricades are placed to block off Bryant Street at Highland Avenue and Euclid Street. This will happen beginning at or slightly after 8am.

12. How do I get my items to the flea market?

Access is gained to Bryant Street via Millbrae Way which is located on Elgin Street between Highland Avenue and Euclid Avenue. Flea market participants should drive down Millbrae Way to Bryant and unload their items onto their tables. Once this is complete you should immediately get off of Bryant to allow others to unload their items was well.

13. Where do I park if I am in the flea market?

It is best to park on Elgin Street for quick access to your car

14. What time does the flea market close down?

There is a hard stop at the flea market at 5pm. This is the end of the Bryant Street Festival as well. The table rental company will arrive to pick up the tables and the barricades will be taken down as soon as Bryant Street is cleaned up.

15. Where do I find the table I ordered for the flea market?

The table you ordered for the flea market will be located along the sidewalk on the north side of Bryant Street 20′ west of Highland Avenue. The tables will have yellow sticky notes on them with the last name of the individual who reserved the table.

16. Where should I leave the table I ordered for the flea market?

When you are done with the table, please fold it up and leave it along the sidewalk on either side of Bryant Street. The rental service will retrieve them at the end of the day.