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About HPCC

The Highland Park Community Council (HPCC), in operation since 1945, is the oldest continually operating neighborhood organization in the City of Pittsburgh. It is also a non profit 501c3 organization.

Monthly meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at St. Andrews Community Hall. Meetings are not held in July or December.

While originally created as a social organization, the HPCC’s current mission is “to take a leading role in the community activities that address issues of common interest and concern and that promote a safe and healthy neighborhood for the diverse residents of Highland Park.” In that spirit, the organization serves as a forum for community conversations and engages in a wide range of initiatives relating to education, public safety, recreation, zoning, and advocacy on behalf of resident priorities.

What HPCC Does for You:
The Highland Park Community Council has over 500 members who represent families, individuals and businesses within our community. The organization is an all-volunteer effort.

The volunteers of the HPCC have conducted many events / projects over the years to promote and enhance the quality of life in Highland Park. The most noticeable are the annual community wide Yard Sale in June and Reservoir of Jazz free concerts in the park in August. Both bring thousands of people to our community annually.

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