Highland Park Super DUPER Playground Project

Latest News:

  • October 15th, 2021: The Highland Park Community Council is working with the Pittsburgh Glass Center to create Hidden Mosaics nestled on rocks and wooden features around the new Highland Park playground. These will be inspired by ideas from kids and turned into mosaic designs by Pittsburgh Glass Center artists. To submit an idea, download a coloring sheet from https://engage.pittsburghpa.gov/highland-park-super… and send your design to HPCCPgh@gmail.com.

About the Project

Created in 1991 by a group of dedicated neighborhood volunteers, the Super Playground has served as one of Pittsburgh’s most beloved play spaces and the scene of countless memories for generations of local children.

Originally built to last for twenty years, the playground is now ready for its second life. The Highland Park Community Council (HPCC), the City of Pittsburgh, design firm Merritt Chase, and other neighborhood groups are collaborating with the community to embark on a redesign and reconstruction in the years 2020-21. The goal is to make a playground that will be imaginative, interactive, nature-based, and inclusive for all ages and abilities. A public art component that reflects the diversity and spirit of the community will also be an important part of the project. 

Help Make the Playground Super Duper!

Like the original endeavor in 1991, the Highland Park Super Duper Playground Project will be a collaborative effort. Community members, both young and old, will be invited to give their feedback and ideas through a series of surveys, community meetings, and other forms of outreach that will include residents of Highland Park and beyond. Please check back often for further details about the project and how you can help be a part of making Highland Park’s most beloved playground SUPER DUPER!

Sign up for updates from the city on this project via the Engage Pgh site. Regular updates will also be sent out to the Highland Park list-serve, the HPCC newsletter, at HPCC monthly meetings, and through other community channels.

The Super Playground is located in Highland Park near the upper reservoir and along Reservoir Drive which encircles the reservoir. There are walking paths to the playground from the roads surrounding the park.