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Content Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting content to Highland Park Community Council publications. This submission guide is designed to offer you information about the type of content we’re interested in and how to successfully submit your ideas and content. We invite you to read the following overall guidelines as well as specific guidelines for each section or type of publication. 

Overall guidelines

HPCC welcomes content that impacts residents of Highland Park and neighboring communities. Content of interest includes details about upcoming events, reports about recent events, profiles of people or organizations in the neighborhood, and city developments relevant to Highland Park. We also encourage your creativity and invite you to submit ideas that you think would appeal to neighborhood residents. Please direct questions and pitches to

Your pitch or submission is not guaranteed to run; the HPCC editorial team will determine whether to run submissions based on space, compliance with the guidelines and other parameters. We will edit and revise submissions for style, grammar, readability and length. 

Images must include permission for use. If you’ve found it online, include a link to the source. If you took a photograph, specify that. Anyone who appears in a photo must have given you express permission to be included in the photo in the blog or newsletter. 

Blog posts and newsletter content

Blog posts appear on the Highland Park Community Council website. Select blog posts will be featured in the monthly email newsletter and may be shared on social media platforms as determined by the HPCC editorial team. 

We encourage you to start by sending an idea pitch before submitting an entire post. Your pitch can consist of a couple of sentences or paragraphs describing what you want to write about. With that we can tell you whether we’d like to include the article in the blog and offer feedback about the idea before you spend time writing. 

Your article should:

·        Be approximately 300 – 600 words long

·        Include a proposed headline

·        Include images. When submitting photos, please include a photo credit and caption that includes the names of anyone in the photo. 

·        Include details. For example, if you’re writing about an event, what was the event, where did it take place, when did it take place, who attended?

·        Include a sentence that describes you, for inclusion as a short bio along with your blog post. 

If your content has appeared online or in another publication previously, you must inform the HPCC editorial team in your initial pitch email.  

Thank you!

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