Senior Online Service (SOS) is Open for Applications

Exciting News for Highland Park Residents age 55 and up!

Technology is moving at a rapidly continuous pace. Are you feeling overwhelmed, left behind?

  • Is your Smart Phone/ TV just a little too smart?
  • Did you receive a Kindle or Nook Book for Mother’s Day and don’t know how it works?
  • Need help downloading apps to your phone?
  • Have a Fire Stick but are uncertain how it connects to your TV?
  • Need to install a webcam?
  • Want to see your family and friends, who live in another state, but more often than not are having Zoom issues?
  • …..And the list goes on and on.

Well, the good news is here! Help is on the way!

The Highland Park Community Council received a City of Pittsburgh Community First Grant to help bridge the gap, both technologically and intergenerationally  The name of our new grant funded program is the Senor Online Service, aka SOS, program. It is designed to connect the seniors and young people in the community through technology assistance. The recently formed SOS Team consists of several exceptional, well qualified younger adults – “youth techs” – 18 – 25 years of age and two HPCC Board members serve as SOS coordinators. Our youth techs will provide in-home technology assistance to Highland Park residents 55+. All youth techs have been personally interviewed by the SOS coordinators, possess great technical skills, and passed a state background check. 

  • SOS recipients must reside in Highland Park and be age 55 or up.  
  • All SOS services provided are totally free of charge. 

We are ready to go and eager to help our neighbors in Highland Park!  All you need to do is:


CALL US BY PHONE AT:  412 368-6475

The SOS Team does not perform emergency interventions. You can expect to receive a response within 24 hours of your initial contact to us.

Please contact us with any questions regarding the Program. If you are reading this and are not a Highland Park resident, please feel free to forward to any friends or family living in Highland Park.

The SOS Team is looking forward to hearing from you soon!