Neo-Nazi Flag in Neighborhood

We’ve recently become aware of an individual flying a a flag that has been used by Neo-Nazi groups as a symbol of hatred, anti-semitism and white supremacy. Hate and symbols of hate have no place in our community. This situation has been reported to the authorities so that they can investigate. Please defer to law enforcement for engaging with the homeowners.  

After an antisemitic incident in the neighborhood last fall, the HPCC hosted a community dialogue led by the 10.27 Healing Partnership. The 10.27 Healing Partnership was created in the aftermath of the Tree of Life shooting to support community members in the aftermath of the attack as well as other victims of hate crimes. We discussed the nature and prevalence of antisemitism and ways neighbors can support one another. For more information on their services and resources, visit 10.27 Healing Partnership‘s website. For information on this particular flag, visit the Anti-Defamation League‘s website. For information on Hitler and Nazism, 10.27 Healing Partnership suggested this short video, Hitler’s Ideology: Race, Land, and Conquest. 

The HPCC is committed to welcoming and supporting all members of and visitors to our neighborhood. Although we are deeply saddened to see this display in our community, we know that it is an anomaly. Our community is filled with kind, generous, and warm-hearted people and we encourage you to support your neighbors in a communal way through solidarity, listening, and dialogue.