June 13th – Porch Concerts

Welcome to week two of the HP porch concerts,

This week’s lineup is:

June 13, 2021, 7 – 8 P.M.

Lilly Abreu and Eric Susoeff

  •  6536 Jackson Street
  • Brazilian Jazz Porch Concert featuring Brazilian songstress Lilly Abreu and guitarist Eric Susoeff
  • note: Lilly & Eric will be performing from 6 – 8 PM – stop by early for extra music!
  • Face Painting: Lilly and Eric will be joined by Rikki The Painter who will be providing free face painting!

Jonathan Callard and Friends

  • 5811 Stanton Ave.
  • Jonathan is a professionally-trained vocalist who’ll be playing acoustic guitar & singing an eclectic mix from folk, pop, gospel, and other genres. http://www.jonathancallard.com/blog

Shrink Wrap

  • 1423 N. Euclid Ave.
  •  pared down version of band playing little blues, funk, country, and rock (something for everyone)

Michael Stang

  • 5824 Bryant Street
  • Mike Stang of “Fun Facts” acoustically playing their original tunes and some covers.

Ken Karsh:

  •  5906 Callowhill Street
  • Solo Jazz Guitar and Guitar with live loop recording.

See you there!