HPCC statement on hate crimes in the neighborhood

We recently became aware of hate crimes committed in the neighborhood. Bags of watermelon rinds and trash from Kentucky Fried Chicken were left in the yards of residents of color. The HPCC board condemns these actions and would like to offer our support to the victims of these crimes in any way we can. As an organization we are committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment for everyone in the community. We strongly encourage anyone who experiences or witnesses this type of behavior to contact the police so that they can investigate and track such incidents; you can reach out to our board if you would like us to help facilitate this contact. This type of behavior is not just upsetting and distasteful, but a serious crime. In Pennsylvania, a hate crime is defined as a criminal act motivated by ill will or hatred towards a victim’s race, color, religion or national origin. We are proud of the diversity in our community; let’s recommit to making Highland Park a welcoming place to all.

The HPCC Board