REMINDER – Super Playground Redesign Community Workshop: Thursday Oct 15

The Super Playground is the large wooden playground on Reservoir Drive.  As many of you are aware, the playground was built by the community in 1991 and was designed to last 20 years. We’ve been able to extend its life a bit but it is now in need of a full replacement. The new playground will utilize the current playground’s footprint and will be designed and built with the same emphasis on creating a unique, creative playspace. The City, its designer Merritt Chase, and the HPCC are asking for your input through a public community design process this fall with actual construction starting next spring. We hope you will participate!
The first community input session is kicking off with a public survey (link below) followed by a virtual workshop at the next Highland Park Zoom Community Council meeting on October 15th at 7:00 p.m. See attached flier.

Fill out the Survey here: There is also a place on this site for kids to upload drawings with their ideas for the playground design or for you to share your stories and photographs of the Super Playground.

The Community Workshop will be held over Zoom and requires registration. Pre-register for the October 15 workshop here: