Highland Park Porch Concerts Lineup for 8/9

We’ve got another great line-up for this week’s porch concerts from 7-8 pm on Sunday Aug 9 – – including another new performer!  Audience members:  please be sure to wear masks, stay at least 6′ away from people not in your household, and applaud loudly for these talented performers who so generously share their time and talent with us!  Map attached.
New this week!

Barrett Black Denmon

815 N Beatty
Barrett’s music style would make you feel as if you are the only person in the world. Specializing in a style called “beauty rock” his music has a mixture of blues, funk and soul music that focuses on the anticipation of the maybe in life. Positivity is the key element, grace is the foundation. The music is for everyone, hipsters and homeboys, kids from 1-92. Prepare to hear stories about life melded with music that uplifts. The BlackDenmons will be patiently waiting for YOU.
Returning Favorites:

Funky Fly Project

703 N St Clair Street

The Funky Fly Project is a Jazz/Funk band featuring four talented young men who have all grown up in Pittsburgh’s East End.  Two are Highland Parkers and three of the boys got their start in music right here in the neighborhood at The Dilworth Traditional Academy.  The FFP have played music venues all over Pittsburgh and sometimes travel as far as Ohio, Chicago, and South Carolina.  https://www.funkyflyproject.com/

Saul Strassman

1423 N. Euclid Ave.

Saul plays bass in The Pshrinks (a band that actually has several practicing psychiatrists, although Saul isn’t one of them) and also plays with the band Mid-life Crisis. He will be playing an assortment of blues, funk, rock, and pop tunes (and maybe one or two originals).

Jonathan Callard

5811 Stanton Ave.Jonathan is a professionally-trained vocalist who’ll be playing acoustic guitar & singing an eclectic mix from folk, pop, gospel, and other genres. http://www.jonathancallard.com/blog

Tania & Jeff Grubbs – with special guest drummer Tony Martucci

1033 Portland St

The Grubbs are professional jazz musicians who comprise ⅔ of the Tania Grubbs Quintet.  https://taniagrubbs.com/