HPCDC Presents Bryant Street Update

On Thursday, July 16, the HPCC hosted the Highland Park Community Development Corporation (HPCDC) at a special July Community Zoom Meeting.  The HPCDC has a long history of working to address blight and promote economic development in the neighborhood.  Below are the slides that they presented which highlight their past and ongoing work, including the most recent renovations on Bryant Street. The HPCDC described its efforts to fill its renovated properties on Bryant Street and to attract like-minded partners to complete the development of the two vacant parcels there, and discussed the possibility of providing space for County Magistrate Mikhail Pappas’ office in the open retail space next to Park Bruges. Information was provided about the anticipated impact of the court on parking (primarily weekday during business hours) and other Bryant Street businesses (weekday foot traffic from staff and court clients is expected to benefit existing restaurants and shops).  Magistrate Pappas described his vision for the court as a complementary addition to the street and neighborhood, and clarified that magistrate offices deal primarily with civil cases.