Highland Park Porch Concerts Lineup for 6/28

This week we have 5 great performances on tap, weather permitting. Musicians will be making their own calls about performing if there’s inclement weather. As always, many thanks to our generous performers! Audience members: please remember to follow social distancing guidelines and to clap loudly!

Sunday June 28, 7 – 8 pm

Highland Park Mini Band (Deb Bogen)

1112 N. Highland Ave.

Artists: Deb and Jim Bogen + family

The Bogen family will be singing and performing eclectic music from traditional folk and gospel, to a real mix of band members’ favorites like Gillian Welch, Bob Dylan, and Lyle Lovett. They will be playing uke, banjo, bass, and guitar.

Alba Flamenca

830 N Euclid Ave

Type of music: flamenco music, guitar and vocals.

Performers include: Jon Bañuelos, Jeff Berman, and Carolina Loyola-García

Christopher Shipton

5822 Bryant Street

Christopher will perform ambient experimental music using modular synthesizers.

Tania & Jeff Grubbs

1033 Portland St

The Grubbs are professional jazz musicians who comprise ⅔ of the Tania Grubbs Quintet. https://taniagrubbs.com/

Jonathan Callard

5811 Stanton Ave.

Jonathan is a professionally-trained vocalist who’ll be playing acoustic guitar & singing an eclectic mix from folk, pop, gospel, and other genres. http://www.jonathancallard.com/blog