Highland Park Spring & Early Summer Event Cancellations

One of the things Highland Park residents love about this neighborhood is its vibrant and warm community.  The HPCC enjoys serving the community and it’s particularly rewarding for board members when we can bring folks together for events.  Unfortunately because of the need for social distancing due to the Covid pandemic and related restrictions on the size of gatherings, the following events have been cancelled:

  • Spring Fling
  • Yard Sale
  • Bryant Street Festival
  • Garden Tour (organized by the Garden Club & sponsored by the HPCC)

Please note that the May HPCC newsletter which will be arriving in your mailboxes soon features the Garden Tour.  We had expected that that event would still be possible when we went to print, but unfortunately it too has to be cancelled.  Community meetings will be held on Zoom until further notice; look for more information on May’s meeting soon.  We are planning events that allow for social distancing, such as Sidewalk Chalk-a-Palooza – – now we just need the warm weather!  We have not yet heard from the City its plans for the events it brings to the park in the summer:  the Reservoir of Jazz and Cinema in the Park.  We will let you know when they make an announcement.