Thank you for making our Zoom Community Meeting a Success!

Zoom Community Meeting April 2020

Thank you so much to the 40+ people who attended our first-ever Zoom Community Meeting last night! The photo shows just a portion of the folks in attendance. We got an update from Zone 5’s Commander Vinansky, and heard about proposed street improvements on N. Euclid from the City Department of Mobility & Infrastructure and Healthy Rides.

The city is proposing making N. Euclid from Bunker Hill to Station Street a “Neighborway” to better connect Highland Park to East Liberty and Shadyside. The proposal includes traffic calming measures such as traffic circles to make it safer to walk, ride bikes, and for kids to play. There should be minimal impact on parking and bike lanes will not be added. In the upcoming weeks, temporary roundabouts will be installed at various N. Euclid intersections as a way to test their efficacy and their impact on the neighborhood. We will host DOMI again in a few months so that the community can provide feedback. You can learn more about the project here, and complete the community interest survey here.