HPCC Response to COVID-19

1. Connecting Neighbors in Need: NEW HPCC Helping Hands Facebook page

Great people make a great neighborhood. As our community begins to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, neighbors are already reaching out, trying to identify and connect with those in need. To help facilitate those connections, the HPCC has created a resource on Facebook, HPCC Helping Hands.

This group is open to Highland Park residents and businesses and is designed for posting requests for help and offers of assistance. The purpose is to connect neighbors who are quarantined, social distancing, or ill with other neighbors who can offer assistance. For example, post and respond to requests for grocery drop off, prescription pick-up, and any other needs that may come up. This type of social networking tool works best when there is a critical mass of people participating. To get it up and running, we need you to join, follow, and invite your HP friends and neighbors to do the same. Because not everyone is on Facebook, we also encourage you to check-in with your neighbors and post requests for them as needed.

This page is only for connecting people. Please use other venues for sharing news, political messages, and selling items or services. And always, be kind, be helpful, and take care of each other.

2. Posting information and resources

The HPCC will continue to post reliable news, updates, and community resources on its website and Facebook page.

3. Cancelling the March Community Meeting

The Community Meeting scheduled for Thursday March 19 is now cancelled. The scheduled speakers (representatives from the Healthy Ride bike sharing program and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy) have been asked to provide a written update that we will post and/or join us at a future meeting. Check the HPCC website and Facebook page for updates.