Public Comment on Port Authority Comfort Station in Flynn Parklet

Earlier this month, the Port Authority announced its decision on the end-of-the-line routing of the proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line, the details of which are available here.

During the series of community meetings hosted by HPCC regarding BRT and the end-of-the-line route, the Port Authority also discussed their plans to construct a restroom facility (also called a “comfort station”) for bus drivers at the bus layover point at Flynn Parklet. Now that the routing determination has been finalized, they are moving forward with the planning for the comfort station, which includes a federally-required opportunity for written comments from the public on the proposed location.

The proposed comfort station would be approximately 100 sq. ft. in size and would be located near the corner of N. St. Clair and Bunkerhill. It would only be available to Port Authority staff. The subject of this comment period is strictly related to the location of the comfort station, not the architectural design of the building itself. Port Authority representatives will be back in Highland Park to discuss the design and appearance of the comfort facility and new bus shelters in Spring 2018.

The full public notice from the Port Authority regarding the comment period is available below, and can also be viewed as a PDF here.

PAAC Flynn Parklet Comfort Station Public Comment Notice