Update Regarding Highland Park Reservoir #1

Hello Neighbors!

This afternoon PWSA released a notice (avilable here) regarding an Administrative Order that has been issued by the PA Department of Environmental Projection (DEP) concerning several critical improvements to our public drinking water system.

One of the items included in the Administrative Order will require PWSA to bring the Highland Park Reservoir #1 (the open air reservoir in the middle of the park) back online. PWSA has been bypassing the Reservoir since February as a result of low chlorine levels that prompted a precautionary flush and boil advisory.
The order requires PWSA to either:
  1. install an ultraviolet light (UV) disinfection system within the Microfiltration Plant (the red brick building connected to the reservoir), or
  2. Cover the reservoir, similar to Highland Park Reservoir #2 (the covered reservoir adjacent to One Wild Place, Mellon Street, and Mellon Terrace).
DEP has given PWSA until November 30th to prepare and submit a plan in response to the Administrative Order. PWSA has indicated in the notice below that it is their intention to pursue the UV disinfection option, which would allow the reservoir to remain uncovered. This is consistent with the approach that PWSA discussed at a community meeting earlier this year.
The HPCC is in communication with PWSA and will continue to monitor this situation and keep the community informed. Stay tuned to the listserv, our website, and our facebook page for further updates. I’d like to thank PWSA, Councilwoman Gross, and the Mayor’s office for working with us on this important issue.
Jake Pawlak
HPCC President