Wilkinsburg Shooting Update

From Zone 5 Commander Lando:

“Good evening Zone 5 neighbors,
By now you are all aware of the tragic events that occurred in Wilkinsburg last night. Our deepest condolences go out to the families of those affected by this horrific tragedy.
It has been our experience, based on past events, that retaliatory violence is a likely possibility in incidents such as these. Because some of those involved have ties to the City (specifically the Homewood community), we are working to put a plan in place to minimize the chances of any further violence.
Over the next several days (and possibly weeks), you will notice an increased police presence in the Homewood area. This is being done to keep you safe, prevent any acts of retaliation, and to increase the likelihood that we will catch those responsible for this violence. 
Please understand it is not our intention to cast a wide net over the entire community, but rather to specifically focus on those who are committing criminal acts and making the streets dangerous for the decent, law-abiding citizens like yourselves.
We ask for your cooperation in helping us keep your neighborhood safe. If you have any
information about the shooting or any other crimes of violence, please email me or contact Zone 5 Station at 412-665-3605. You may remain anonymous, but any tip is a potential lead for our investigators.”