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HPCC Monthly Meeting on Education and Kids’ Programs: October 16th at St. Andrew’s

Would you like to meet the new Principal at Fulton? Learn about the kids’ ceramics program at the Union Project? Find out what its like to be a Middle School Mentor? Or ask questions of School Board Representative Holley?

Join us for the HPCC Monthly meeting on October 16th for a discussion on education and kids’ programming here in Highland Park featuring:

* Mrs. Karen Arnold, the new Prinicpal of Fulton K-5
* Dr. Regina Holley, PPS Board Representative District 2
* Jenna Vanden Brink, Union Project Ceramics Program Coordinator
* The Middle School Mentoring project at the Obama Academy

We will also be voting in our new members: Nell Gladson; Amber Quick and James McAdams. Please help us welcome them to the Board.

The meeting will start at 7:00pm and will be held at our usual location at St Andrew’s Church at 5801 Hampton Street.

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