Zone 5 Public Safety Council, Oct 8th with Disruptive Properties Coordinator

The Zone 5 Public Safety Council meets on the second Tuesday of most months to discuss public safety issues and updates from throughout Zone 5. Residents attend to share information, trends, and successes from their communities; supply the Zone 5 officers in attendance with tips and emerging problems from their neighborhoods; and learn from Zone 5 officers and guest speakers so that they may inform their neighbors, blockwatches, and community groups.

The details of the October Zone 5 Public Safety Council meeting are as follows:
Tuesday, October 8th
Union Project, 801 N. Negley Ave
Guest Speaker: Maria Bethel, Disruptive Properties Coordinator

Maria Bethel will be speaking at the start of the meeting about the City of Pittsburgh’s Disruptive Properties Ordinance and properties in Zone 5 that have received Disruptive Properties notices.