From Zone 5 Commander Lando: Highland Park & East Liberty Neighbors,

Please be aware of the following two robberies that occurred this week. We suspect it may be the same group. Our detectives have an idea of who the suspects might possibly be and we are working on making a positive identification. In the meantime, please be extra vigilant, especially in the area of Stanton & Portland.

10/19/15 Robbery – Stanton Avenue & Portland Street, 8:30pm. A 30 year-old male victim reports that he was robbed and beaten by (4) unknown males after he got off of a Port Authority bus and was walking to his residence. The victim stated that his assailants began punching and kicking him and went through his pockets once he was on the ground. The suspects stole his wallet, cell phone, and keys. The victim appeared to have significant injuries to his head, face, and eyes, and was transported to the hospital by PGH EMS. The victim described the suspects as (4) black males, all between 17-22 years old, and oculd only recall that one of them was wearing a black & gold tossle cap – possible Penguins. (201058)

10/21/15 Robbery – Stanton Avenue & Portland Street, 3:20pm. A 26 year-old male and a 23 year-old female victim were walking down Stanton Avenue near the Stanton Negley Pharmacy when they were approached by a group of young black males and females who began attacking the male victim, then stole his cell phone. The group of kids then fled. The male was transported to West Penn Hospital in good condition. The female victim was not injured. Officers were able to pull video footage of the incident and have an idea of who the suspects might be. Zone 5 detectives are now working on this case. (202343)

HPCC Newsletter Oct 2015 is now available.

The City of Pittsburgh is working with the current gardeners of the Highland Park Community Gardens on Stanton Avenue to revitalize and improve the garden grounds. After the work is completed over the next couple of weeks, there may be some plots available for the 2016 season. Anyone interested in a garden plot should contact Matthew Jacob at for more information.

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is holding a volunteer day in Highland Park.

They will be working on the fencing and weeding around the trees that were planted near the Farmhouse. They might also get into some vine cutting or invasive pulling, depending on time and the size of the projects.

The date is Thursday, October 15th, from 5:30 – 7:00pm.

Register here:

The event listing on their site is here:

Join us for a panel discussion on public education with Senator Vulakovich and A+ Schools Community Liaison Graham Mulqueen.

Senator Vulakovich will discuss public school funding and the budget impasse. Graham Mulqueen from A+ Schools will talk about Common Core and its impact on PSSA scores.

The event is the monthly meeting of the Highland Park Community Council with council business at 7pm and speakers starting around 7:30pm. It is held at St Andrews’ Church at 5801 Hampton.

September HPCC Newsletter is Available